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Shutters & Blinds Terms

In these conditions the seller means Global Shutters & Blinds Pty Ltd and the buyer means the person, firm or company placing the order for goods or services which are subject to these terms & conditions which are not variable except in writing signed by the seller.

All quotations by the seller represent an invitation to the buyer to place an order and do not constitute a legal offer. The sales order confirmation will be regarded as an offer and the seller’s order acceptance will be regarded as binding. No alternative terms & conditions will be considered or accepted by the seller.
All prices are quoted without commitment and are subject to alteration or withdrawal by the seller without prior notice. Orders may only be accepted by the buyer on condition that the prices charged are those ruling at the time of the deposit of 50% of the order value is made. The seller reserves the right to withdraw any product and colour at any time without prior notice and refund the deposit and cannot be held responsible for any consequences caused by the withdrawal.
Delivery times are generally 6-8 weeks and stated as estimates only and time is not of the essence. Whilst every effort is made to ensure due performance, the seller cannot accept responsibility for damages or consequential loss or damage arising out of delay or failure to deliver by the specified date
Where a buyer places an order for goods offered by the seller, a deposit payment of 50% of the order value shall be paid by the buyer to the seller before the seller accepts the order. The deposit is non refundable once the seller accepts the order and has commenced assembly (generally 7-10 days after placing order), if the order has not been assembled then the seller has the right to withhold 10% of the order value for administration charges, the other 40% will be refunded. The balance of 50% of the order value is due at the time of installation. If an order has commenced assembly and the order is cancelled by the buyer the seller has the right to charge & claim the full amount (100%) of the order value from the buyer. The goods shall remain the property of the seller until payment in full has been received. If the balance of 50% of the order value due at installation has not been received within 14 days the seller has the right to on sell the product to other buyers without any further claim from the original buyer.
The buyer must check that the shutters are to colour sample prior to installation. The seller cannot guarantee precise colour matching against samples as our products are made from natural timbers and variation are acceptable although every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of the finished product. Minor imperfections not readily apparent from a distance of one metre under ordinary light will not be accepted as defects.
Tolerance levels of overall panel specification are -/+ 3mm gap and the product will not be considered defective if falling within that size range Warp on any component part, vertical or horizontal shall not exceed 1mm per 300mm and shall not be considered defective if within this tolerance.
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